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Attendants Service

Living with an illness, disorder, breakdown or an elderly age is not only difficult and strenuous for the person who is dealing with it but also for the people who live with them. When an individual is suffering or facing any health-related issues in the family then it is quite obvious that the entire family is affected. Well, now you can completely relax and be calm because Smart Care Nurses Bureau is here to provide the most proven and reliable healthcare service at home

Nursing Services

Nursing & medical management: They will deal with the wound, injury at utmost care and manage all the medical activities like providing medicines to them on time, injections, ointments, dressing, suction, rice tube feeding, etc.

Nutriment & Diet care: Feeding them from time to time. Our nurses ensure that patients do not consume any intoxicating substance which is not good for their health. They will provide and prepare all the essential food for the patient as directed by a doctor.

Personal care: Patients require proper maintenance by cleanliness and hygiene and so our nurses will make the patient sponge at the bed or make them shower. Take good care of oral hygiene, cleanliness of bed, clothes, etc.

Mobility & Assistance: Supports the patient in walking, sleeping properly, exercises and other essential physical activities.

Toileting: Assistance in the urinal, changing of a colostomy bag, diapers, etc.

Vital Monitoring: Tracks weight, sugar level, blood pressure, body temperature, etc.

Elderly Care

– Nutriment: Feeding them on time and as elderly people are required to be fed in an appropriate manner. Thus, the attendant ensures that they are given proper food according to their health status. They also prepare essential stuff including milk, oats, etc for them as directed by the doctor.
– Hygiene: Maintain complete hygiene by making them shower, grooming them, keeping their bed, clothes and surroundings neat and clean.

– Medication: Provide the medicines on time, oversees their BP level, sugar level and other vital regular checks.

– Mobility: Assist them in exercises, therapies, walking, sleeping and any other physical activities.

– Toileting: Helps in the fecal discharge, changing diapers, urinal, etc.

– Acquaintance: Mingles with elderly people like their own family member and try to keep them happy and stress-free as much as possible.

Baby Care Services

Vital tasks tackled by the caretaker for baby and mother care at home :

– Bathing the baby or sponging them with warm water in a gentle manner.
– Handling the baby properly by keeping their gestures and postures appropriately.
– Keeping track of daily feeds and burps of the baby after every feed.
– Lactation helps with the mother.
– Changing the baby’s nappy/diaper properly and regularly on time.
– Putting the baby to sleep.
– Regular massaging of both the baby and mother.
– Sterilizing the baby’s utensils and keeping them clean.
– Ensuring that the baby’s clothes and surroundings are neat and clean.
– Maintains proper sanitation and hygiene in every aspect.